Kujira Ryukyu 30yr Old Japanese Whisky 750ml

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Only the pure ingenuity of Okinawa’s Masahiro Shuzo distillery can bring us this long-awaited capstone to the Kujira Ryukyu Whisky selection. In 1989, a few of the island's best craftsmen set out to create the finest whisky ever to emerge from their peaceful, crystal-blue corner of the pacific. Every choice was doted upon, every barrel selected with care from the most intoxicating ex-Bourbon, Sherry and Virgin White Oak. In 2019, after 30 years of tranquil maturation, the Master Distiller knew it was time. The barrels were opened, and the bottles filled with what we now proudly present as Kujira Ryukyu 30 Year Single Grain Whisky. A nose of nectar preempts a distinct, delicate balance of powerful woodsmoke and soft sweetness. Among the most luxurious of whiskies in the world, every glass of this timeless treasure effortlessly evokes the simple yet spirited soul of Okinawa.

Origin: Masahiro Shuzo, Okinawa, Japan

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