Mandala Limited Edition Ceramic Dia de los Muertos Anejo Tequila 1.0L

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Mandala Dia De Muertos Anejo 2022 Tequila is elegant with a great body, with 7 years of aging in French oak barrels. Dedicated to those that love the extraordinary and special.

This edition was designed by Jesiel Rubio and Fer Arias, two creatives minds from Guadalajara, MX. Both are co-founders of Spirits Branding Co. & somosdec, where they have been applying their talent inside the world of tequila. The path of Jesiel through illustration and graphic arts began in the late 90s. His style has been characterized by clean and carefully placed elements on his work, with friendly shapes and selected colors that are testimony of his knowledge as designer and marketer. The artistic interest of Fer started from an early age, developing his sensitivity through music, design, and photography (where he has received recognition from renowned institutions). His focus on composition and the message behind every creation, combined with Jesiel's vision, results in unique and beautiful artwork.

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