Tomatin 1972 - Warehouse 6 Collection | Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750ml

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The second entry in Tomatin's Warehouse 6 Collection, this single cask was distilled in 1972 and produced to 380 bottles. Aged for 41 years, this has notes of almond, coffee and winter spices.
The luxury wooden box includes a display plinth holding a hand-blown crystal decanter and two crystal tumblers, supplied by Scottish company Glencairn Crystal. The solid copper stopper and copper decoration are supplied by Scottish Silver.

In perfect harmony, aromas of autumn fruits, golden syrup and bursts of summer meadow wildflowers meet soft flavours of sweet almond, brown sugar, coffee and winter spices before a full, oily finish.

Cask numbers 23404, 23405 and 23406 have been lying peacefully in Warehouse 6 since being filled on November 20, 1972, gently and slowly maturing the precious spirit within. Over time – indeed over four decades of watchful waiting by the casks’ custodians – the spirit has given way to the angels who have claimed more than their fair share.
Having waited patiently for the perfect moment to catch this spirit in its prime, Tomatin distillery men have captured the heart of the distillery in this bottling.

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