KALOS Vodka 750ml

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Amazing flavor profile that speaks to your palate. Ultra-premium yet gluten-free, KALOS™ Vodka is distilled in small batches by passionate artisans who distill KALOS™ 6 times for that perfect smooth after taste.

Lustrous notes of premium Vodka tied with a delightful aroma, and naturally crafted in the mesmerizing hills canopying Southern California. KALOS™ Vodka is distilled with care as well as the unwavering love for a good drink!

Ode to luxury and serenity delivered through enticing sips that complement all cocktail varieties. KALOS™ is truly a crowd favorite and much more than your everyday Vodka. It is an immersive experience that engulf

Synonymous with your personality that Is born to be beautiful, fearless, sophisticated and classy.

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