Siempre Exclusivo Edición Especial Vivo 750ml

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Siempre Exclusivo Edición Especial Vivo - Introducing Siempre Exclusivo-Vivo, a truly exceptional tequila that pays homage to a forgotten Hispanic-Peruvian distillation technique. This method, which incorporates live yeast, has remained untouched in the world of tequila until now.

Siempre Tequila is proud to collaborate with Sergio Cruz, one of Mexico's esteemed Master Tequileros, and Adam Fodor, founder of the International Tequila Academy, to create this remarkable expression. Their expertise and passion for the craft have been instrumental in bringing Siempre Exclusivo-Vivo to life.

This tequila represents the pinnacle of exclusivity within the Siempre range. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we have crafted a truly unique and unparalleled spirit. By resurrecting this ancient distillation method, we have unlocked a flavor profile that sets Siempre Exclusivo-Vivo apart from all others.