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For those with an eclectic heart. If you are looking for flavors and new textures, Mezcal Cómplice Ensamble is for you, this distillate has a unique and distinctive flavor that takes you through several smell, flavor and texture experiences. His mix is ​​for those who want precisely that, an experience full of surprises.

  • AGAVE: Convallis 30%, Marmorata 30%, Potatorum 40%
  • AGAVE GROWTH: Jabalí 30 years, Tepeztate 35 years, Tobalá 15 years
  • MEZCAL: Young
  • Alc. Vol.: 46°
  • MAESTRO MEZCALERO (Master Mezcal Maker): Epigmenio Martínez
  • ORIGIN ZONE: Santa María Albarradas, Oaxaca
  • FLAVORS: Sweet, fruity, and spicy, intensely vegetal and earthy
  • COLOR: Crystal-clear
  • AROMAS: Smoky and mineral, with hints of black pepper and wood
  • PAIRS WELL WITH: White meats and fresh cheeses
  • NET CONTENT: 500 ml

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