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Cómplice de Aventura was inspired by the strong character of its creators, it gives a distinctive touch, typical of a noble agave that has reached the peak of its maturity at the exact moment. Its pure flavor, defined by the nature of the espadín agave, slightly smoked by its perfect and balanced process, produce a high-quality, non-aggressive mezcal, with fruity tones -short but intense- and a persistent finish that illuminates the palate and favors the desire for intense emotions.

  • AGAVE: Angustifolia Haw (Espadín), 8 to 10 years old
  • MEZCAL: Blanco / Joven (White / Young)
  • Alc. Vol.: 43°
  • MAESTRO MEZCALERO (Master Mezcal Maker): Epigmenio Martínez
  • ORIGIN ZONE: Santa María Albarradas, Oaxaca
  • FLAVORS: Citrus and fruity, short but intense
  • AROMAS: Slightly smoky with herbal and mineral notes
  • PAIRS WELL WITH: White meats, grasshoppers (chapulines), goat cheese, Mexican snacks, or spicy dishes
  • NET CONTENT: 750 ml