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Orígenes is born as a welcoming door for the entire range of Mezcal Cómplice distillates; a mezcal with a lower alcohol content (38º) ideal for those who are not familiar with the strength of mezcal, a variety without the intense impact of the drink that allows to pamper the palate and generate a first harmonious relationship with mezcal. This distillate is, therefore, a double starting point, a place where complicity with mezcal is born and, of course, with Mezcal Cómplice.

  • AGAVE: Angustifolia Haw (Espadín), 8 to 10 years old
  • MEZCAL: Blanco / Joven (White / Young)
  • Alc. Vol.: 38°
  • Alc. Vol.: 40° (only for export)
  • MAESTRO MEZCALERO (Master Mezcal Maker): Epigmenio Martínez
  • ORIGIN ZONE: Santa María Albarradas, Oaxaca
  • FLAVORS: Subtle citrus and fruity notes
  • COLOR: Crystal-clear
  • AROMAS: Slightly smoky with herbal and mineral notes
  • NET CONTENT: 750 ml